Dream Away
Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Inspired by

Louis Vuitton's Stellar Times

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This scent is Woody and Oriental

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Indulge in the splendor and allure of Dream Away Perfume, where amber whispers its secrets, and dreams take flight on the wings of mesmerizing scents. Experience the magic of Stellar Times Louis Vuitton, beautifully reimagined in zero gravity, and let your imagination wander and Dream Away.

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A Journey Between The Stars , Not Just in Your Dreams

Experience an extraordinary olfactory journey with Dream Away Perfume by Aroma Wave, a mesmerizing fragrance for both men and women, inspired by the legendary Stellar Times Louis Vuitton.

Embark on an Amber Odyssey Inspired by Stellar Times Louis Vuitton

Step into a subliminal exploration through time and space, rediscovering the splendor of legendary temples, mosaic-stippled gardens, and marvelous fountains. Shimmering scents inspire colorful visions, emanating from a transfigured amber accord that leads to a golden palace in the sky. Whirl in the effervescent freshness of orange blossom and immerse yourself in the mysteries of nights in a foreign land, all while being enchanted by the soft whispers of woody white amber. Let this fragrance be your magic carpet of dreams – a beautiful escape that defies gravity.

Perfect For Women and Men

Stellar Times Louis Vuitton has inspired a fragrance that transcends time and space, capturing the essence of legendary marvels and vibrant visions. Dream Away Perfume takes you on an enchanting voyage filled with subliminal charm, evoking the splendor and beauty of dreams that know no boundaries.

What are the Ingredients in Stellar Times Louis Vuitton ?

Top Note

The Whirl of Orange Blossom :  Dance in the whirling notes of orange blossom that fill the golden palace in the sky. Effervescent freshness embraces you, offering an uplifting and joyful experience that adds a touch of playfulness to the fragrance.

Heart Note

The Soft Whispers of White Amber : As the journey continues, let the woody white amber gently whisper the mysteries of nights in a foreign land. Its soft embrace envelops you in a sense of wonder, like floating amidst a dreamscape of enchanting secrets.

Base Note

Vanilla Mirage : Dream Away Perfume’s beautiful escape is perfected with the delicious notes of Peru balsam’s vanilla. Like a mirage on the horizon, it adds a finishing touch to the fragrance, leaving you captivated and bewitched by its allure.

The Louis Vuitton Les Extraits Collection

Stellar Times Louis Vuitton  is part of the Louis Vuitton Les Extraits Collection, a testament to the encounter of two great creative minds. Jacques Cavallier Belletrud reinvents the perfume extrait with boldness and fluidity, creating exceptional, highly concentrated fragrance treasures.

Key Notes That Mesmerize Even in Your Dreams

Dream Away Perfume captivates with its key notes, including the allure of White Amber, the whirl of Orange Blossom, and the warmth of Peru Balm woods. Let these exquisite ingredients enchant your senses, as you embark on a transcendental journey through time and space.

Let the allure of this amber odyssey fill your senses, leaving you awestruck by its brilliance and finesse.

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50 ml

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Dimensions 7 × 9 × 17 cm
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