Erba Aroma
Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Inspired by

Xerjoff's Erba Pura

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This scent is Fruity and Gourmand

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A sheer and therapeutic scent, Erba Aroma is inspired by Xerjoff’s Erba Pura. Featuring bergamot, lemon and orange, it also has a fruity heart consisting of red fruits in combination with sweet vanilla, amber and musk.
This perfume has a very unique style, not too strong and not too sweet but alluring and sensual.

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Erba Aroma 159 SAR
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Erba Aroma by Aroma Wave: “Embrace the Essence of Mediterranean Luxury”

Erba Aroma by Aroma Wave is a fragrance that transcends ordinary boundaries, offering a unique olfactory experience that’s inspired by Xerjoff Erba Pura.

Fits all Women amd Men

This Amber fragrance in Xerjoff Erba Pura, suitable for both women and men, is a tribute to the Mediterranean’s vibrant culture and natural beauty. Here’s a closer look at what makes Erba Aroma a standout choice for those seeking something extraordinary.

The Meaning of the Name

Erba Pura is a fragrance by Xerjoff, an Italian perfume house.The Italian word “erba” means “herb”. So, “Erba Pura” means “Pure Herb”.

How Xerjoff Erba Pura smells Like ?

The name “Erba Pura” is a reflection of the fragrance’s clean and simple composition. The word “erba” is a reminder of the natural origins of the fragrance’s ingredients, while the word “pura” suggests its purity and freshness.

Fresh Versatile Aroma

Erba Pura is a versatile fragrance that can be worn for any occasion. It is perfect for everyday wear, but it can also be dressed up for special occasions. If you are looking for a fresh and invigorating fragrance, then Erba Pura by Xerjoff is a great choice.

What are the Ingredients in Xerjoff Erba Pura?

The Opening: A Citrus Celebration

The fragrance opens with an invigorating blend of Sicilian Orange, Calabrian Bergamot, and Sicilian Lemon. It’s like a joyful celebration on the shores of Sicily, where the sun kisses the sea, and the air is filled with the zest of freshly picked citrus fruits.

The Heart: A Journey Through Mediterranean Orchards

The heart of Erba Aroma takes you on a journey through lush Mediterranean orchards, where fruits ripen under the golden sun. It’s a sensual blend that captures the essence of summer, a moment frozen in time where everything is fresh, elegant, and utterly captivating.

The Base: A Symphony of Sensual Delights

The base notes of Erba Aroma are a symphony of sensual delights. The warmth of Amber, the sweetness of Madagascar Vanilla Beans, and the soft touch of White Musk come together in perfect harmony. It’s a lingering embrace that stays with you, a reminder of a beautiful day spent in a Mediterranean paradise.

Erba Aroma: A Fragrance That Celebrates Tactile Beauty

Erba Aroma is a fragrance that celebrates tactile beauty. Inspired by Xerjoff Erba Pura, it’s a scent that’s rich and mysterious, soft and intense. The velvet touch of Amber, the allure of Vanilla, and the freshness of citrus fruits make it a fragrance that’s evocative of pure luxury.

A Unique and Unforgettable Experience

Erba Aroma by Aroma Wave is not just a fragrance; it’s a unique and unforgettable experience. It’s a scent that stands out from the crowd, a fragrance that’s different from others. Whether worn day or night, by men or women, Erba Aroma is a fragrance that’s perfect for those who seek something extraordinary, something inspired by the elegance and charm of Xerjoff Erba Pura.

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