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Gucci's Guilty

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This scent is Seductive and Glamorous

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Euog, a name that whispers of hidden desires and untamed longing, holds the power to enthrall the heart. It emerges as a fragrant tribute to the essence of “Gucci Guilty,” capturing the essence of masculinity with an irresistible twist. Like a magnetic force, “Euog” draws us into a world of audacious charm and captivating charisma. So why not be Guilty?

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Don’t Run From your Feelings, it can be GUILTY!

Step into a world of audacious masculinity with Euog by Aroma Wave, a perfume inspired by the captivating essence of Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Parfum. This fragrance is a bold statement of power, dynamism, and energy, designed for the man who is unafraid to express his individuality.

Inspired by Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Parfum

Euog draws its inspiration from Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Parfum, a fragrance that was launched in 2022 and has since become a symbol of modern masculinity. This perfume is a testament to Gucci’s commitment to creating fragrances that embody power, dynamism, and energy. With Euog, Aroma Wave brings you a scent that captures the essence of this iconic fragrance, reinterpreted for the man of today.

A Symphony of Amber Woody Notes

Euog is an Amber Woody fragrance that opens with a refreshing burst of Juniper, Lavender, and Lemon, as in Gucci Guilty. These top notes create a vibrant and invigorating opening, setting the stage for the rich and complex journey that follows.

The Ingredients in Gucci Guilty Pour Homme ?

The Invigorating Top Notes

The top notes of Juniper, Lavender, and Lemon create a refreshing and invigorating opening. The Juniper brings a crisp, woody charm, while the Lavender adds a touch of floral freshness. The Lemon adds a zesty twist, creating a vibrant and energetic start to the fragrance.

The Heart of the Fragrance

At the heart of Euog are the middle notes of Orange Blossom, Nutmeg, and Spanish Labdanum. The Orange Blossom adds a sweet, floral touch, while the Nutmeg brings a hint of warm, spicy depth. The Spanish Labdanum adds a rich, resinous quality, creating a heart that is both complex and captivating.

The Lasting Base Notes

As the fragrance settles,withi Gucci Guilty the base notes of Patchouli, Dry Wood, and Musk come to the forefront. The Patchouli brings a deep, earthy quality, while the Dry Wood adds a robust, masculine depth. The Musk adds a warm, sensual touch, creating a base that is both long-lasting and irresistibly alluring.

Euog is Guilty

The word “euog” is a Welsh word that means “innocent”. It is derived from the Old Welsh word “euogwyllt”, which means “innocent and unspoiled”, inspired by Gucci Guilty for him, that fragrance that you will find yourself reaching out for it again, and again.

A Scent for the Charismatic Alpha Male

Euog is more than just a perfume. It’s a tribute to the charismatic alpha male, a true magnet for ladies. It’s a fragrance for the man who is ready to make his mark on the world.

Embrace Your Inflaming Seduction | So why not be Guilty!

Euog is an invitation that carries a sense of mystery and fascination. It beckons us to explore the duality of human nature, where guilt and desire entwine in a dance of forbidden allure.

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