Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Discover Aroma Wave’s unique fragrance collection, a tribute to the poetic and fashion-forward world of Laurent Mazzone Parfums. Experience a blend of elegance and modernity, inspired by the brand’s diverse collections.

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Aroma Wave Meets Laurent Mazzone: A Fusion of Fashion and Fragrance

Aroma Wave is delighted to introduce its newest fragrance line, inspired by the niche and fashion-centric world of French Perfumery of  Laurent Mazzone Parfums. Founded by Laurent Mazzone, this brand was born under the Manhattan stars, which also inspired its iconic logo. Our collection aims to capture the essence of this brand’s unique blend of fashion and fragrance.

A Night Under Manhattan Stars

Laurent Mazzone Parfums was conceived on a rooftop in Manhattan, a setting that captures the brand’s essence of romance and modernity. The stars that shone that night became the brand’s emblem, and Aroma Wave’s collection seeks to encapsulate this celestial inspiration.

A Symphony of Collections

Laurent Mazzone Parfums offers a diverse range of collections, from the opulent Gold Label and Black Label to the avant-garde Radikal and Silver Label. Aroma Wave’s inspired line will feature scents that pay homage to these varied collections, offering something for every fragrance aficionado.

A Palette of Unique Scents

From the floral notes of ‘Neroli‘, ‘Sensual Orchid ‘ to the mysterious allure of ‘Black Oud,’ Laurent Mazzone Parfums offers a wide array of unique scents. Aroma Wave’s collection will feature fragrances inspired by these captivating aromas, each crafted to perfection.

Your Invitation to a World of Luxury

If you’re in search of a fragrance that transcends the ordinary, Aroma Wave’s Laurent Mazzone-inspired collection is your gateway to a world of olfactory elegance. With our commitment to quality and individuality, we invite you to discover a scent that is uniquely yours.

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