Discover Aroma Wave’s unique perfume collection inspired by Viktor&Rolf’s iconic fragrances. Experience Rosebomb, our floral tribute to Flowerbomb, and Serendipity Mist, a scent that embodies the spirit of good fortune. Elevate your fragrance game with these avant-garde creations

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Showing all 2 results

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A Symphony of Scents: Aroma Wave Meets Viktor&Rolf

When it comes to avant-garde perfumery, few names resonate as strongly as Viktor&Rolf. Known for their daring approach to fragrance, the Dutch fashion house has been a muse for Aroma Wave’s own line of perfumes. The result? A collection that pays homage to Viktor&Rolf’s iconic scents, while adding Aroma Wave’s own unique twist.

Scented Explosions

Inspired by Viktor&Rolf’s legendary Flowerbomb, Aroma Wave’s Rosebomb is a tribute to the explosive floral notes that have made Flowerbomb a household name.

Viktor&Rolf’s concept of unexpected, delightful scents finds a parallel in Aroma Wave’s Serendipity Mist. While not a direct counterpart to any specific Viktor&Rolf perfume, Serendipity Mist embodies the spirit of Good Fortune and pleasant surprises.

The Art of Packaging

Just as Viktor&Rolf’s perfumes are known for their innovative packaging—think grenade-shaped bottles for Spicebomb and floral designs for Flowerbomb—Aroma Wave has invested in creating bottles that are not just containers, but pieces of art. The Rosebomb and Serendipity Mist bottles, for instance, are designed to reflect the essence of the fragrances they hold, making them perfect gifts or keepsakes.

Why Choose Aroma Wave’s Viktor&Rolf-Inspired Collection?

If you’re a fan of Viktor&Rolf’s groundbreaking approach to perfumery, Aroma Wave’s inspired collection offers you a chance to experience these iconic scents in a new light. Crafted with high-quality ingredients and presented in stunning packaging, these fragrances are more than just perfumes; they are an experience waiting to unfold.

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