New Chapter
Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Inspired by

Paco Rabanne's Phantom

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This scent is Mysterious and Alluring

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Transform your everyday into an exploration of your own personal style. With this striking and iconic scent, this fragrance is a modern twist on Paco Rabanne’s signature perfume Phantom. From the first whiff of Lavender, Lemon and Apple to the last lingering waft of Vanilla and Vetiver, this perfume will have you feeling sophisticated and unique.

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New Chapter 119 SAR
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Embrace Your Extraterrestrial Masculinity!

New Chapter by Aroma Wave invites you on a thrilling olfactory odyssey, drawing inspiration from the new fragrance for men  Phantom Paco Rabanne*.

Drawing Inspiration From Phantom Paco Rabanne

As you step into the Paco Galaxy, you encounter the essence of self-confidence, fueled by feel-good energies that transcend the boundaries of time. This futuristic woody aromatic fragrance is a harmonious clash between luxury craftsmanship and cutting-edge new-tech, carefully curated to ignite a surge of energy, power, and irresistible sexiness.

What are the ingredients in Phantom Paco Rabanne ?

Phantom by Paco Rabanne perfume, It is a woody aromatic fragrance created by Jean-Christophe Hérault and Christophe Raynaud.

The Fragrance Notes In Paco Rabanne Phantom perfume ?

The top notes are lavender, lemon zest, and Amalfi lemon.
The heart notes are lavender, earthy notes, smoke, apple, and patchouli.
The base notes are vanilla, lavender, and vetiver.

How Phantom Paco Rabanne smells like ?

Phantom is described as a “bold scent with notes of addictive creamy lavender, fusing energizing lemon and sexy woody vanilla.
It is a versatile fragrance that can be worn for any occasion, but it is particularly well-suited for daytime wear.It is long-lasting and projects well.

An Alluring Symphony

Crafted with a cutting-edge creative process, **New Chapter** captures the essence of an interstellar symphony, where each note plays in perfect harmony. The addictive creamy lavender takes center stage, intertwining with an energizing fusion of lemon zest, invigorating your senses with a burst of electrifying freshness. In the background, a magnetic veil of sexy woody vanilla weaves an irresistible allure, creating an aroma that captivates hearts and ignites desires.

Responsibly Formulated

With great responsibility, New Chapter was meticulously formulated for today’s conscious individuals, mindful of the future. It epitomizes modern sustainability and ethical practices, reflecting a fragrance that stands tall, resonating with today’s evolving world.

Radically Disruptive

New Chapter dares to break conventions, daring you to embrace the extraterrestrial masculinity that lies within. Phantom Paco Rabanne stands as a radical departure from the ordinary, an invitation to celebrate the unique essence of your being. It is an aromatic testament to individuality, embodying the spirit of stepping into the unknown with absolute confidence.

A Coveted Masterpiece

Wrapped within New Chapter is a tale of intense covetability, sensuality and seduction, a scent that sparks the curiosity of those who dare to explore its cosmic allure.

The Robotic Bottle Of Paco Rabanne Phantom

The visionary bottle design adds a new dimension to the fragrance experience, transcending traditional boundaries. It is a game-changing piece of art that mirrors the essence of the scent – dynamic, forward-looking, and utterly captivating.

Open Your New Chapter Of Men Fragrance Now!

New Chapter  is your cosmic co-pilot, propelling you towards a realm where confidence, energy, and sexiness intertwine. Step into this extraordinary fragrance and embark on an epic journey, where your essence leaves a trail of admiration and intrigue in your wake.

*Meta Description*: Experience the thrill of **New Chapter**, inspired by *Phantom, the new fragrance for men by Paco Rabanne*. Embrace your extraterrestrial masculinity with this alluring fusion of creamy lavender, energizing lemon zest, and sexy woody vanilla. Responsibly formulated and radically disruptive, this fragrance is a coveted masterpiece, capturing the essence of confidence, power, and sexiness. Step into the Paco Galaxy and let your unique essence shine with this captivating and visionary fragrance.

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