Pure Blanc
Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Inspired by

Lacoste's Blanc

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Experience the essence of pure sophistication with “Pure Blanc” by Aroma Wave, a symphony of woody aromatic notes inspired by “Eau de Lacoste Blanc White.” Immerse yourself in this alluring fragrance, tailored for the modern gentleman who appreciates life’s finest pleasures. Elevate your scent game with a harmonious blend of citrusy bursts, floral sophistication, and a warm embrace of suede, leather, cedar, and vetiver. Discover the fragrance that defines elegance and style, crafted to express your individuality with confidence.


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Pure Blanc 119 SAR
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Ascend to Pure Elegance: Revealing the Enigmatic “Pure Blanc”

Enter a realm of unadulterated elegance, where sophistication dances with allure – behold the mesmerizing fragrance known as “Pure Blanc” by Aroma Wave, a scent that epitomizes the very essence of refined opulence.

Follows The Style of Lacoste Blanc For Men.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless classic “Eau de Lacoste Blanc L.12.12. White” by Lacoste Fragrances, this symphony of woody aromatic notes has been meticulously tailored for the discerning gentleman who revels in life’s most exquisite pleasures.

Lacoste Blanc: An Ode to Grace and Panache

Within the realm of fragrant artistry, “Eau de Lacoste Blanc L.12.12. White” stands as an enduring ode to the grace and panache associated with the renowned Lacoste brand. The virtuoso behind this creation is none other than Jacques Polge, a perfumer of unparalleled mastery, who artfully weaves a tapestry of scents that captivates with every breath, leaving an indelible impression on the senses.

A Symphony of Perfumed Intricacy

Let us embark on an olfactory odyssey through the intricate layers of “Pure Blanc,” where each note plays a pivotal role in its refined complexity.

What are the Ingredients in Lacoste Blanc Perfume?

The symphony commences with a vivacious overture of top notes, boasting the zest of grapefruit, the herbaceous charm of rosemary, and the exotic allure of cardamom. This citrusy outburst creates a refreshing and invigorating ambiance, akin to a sunlit morning that rejuvenates the soul.

Revelations of Floral Exquisiteness

As the opening act gracefully recedes, the heart of the fragrance comes into focus, revealing the floral exquisiteness concealed within. Ylang-ylang and tuberose take center stage, orchestrating a captivating interplay of scents. The ylang-ylang bestows a rich, floral sweetness upon the symphony, while the tuberose lends its subtly seductive charm, akin to a blossoming garden under the moon’s tender gaze.

The Enigmatic Climax

Finally, we arrive at the enigmatic climax of “Pure Blanc” – a warm embrace composed of base notes that exude depth and sensuality. Suede and leather harmonize to add a rich and inviting warmth, reminiscent of an embrace by a crackling fireplace. In tandem, Virginia cedar and vetiver introduce a woody, earthy element that grounds the fragrance with a sense of rootedness and balance.

Beyond Fragrance, an Emblem of Sophistication

Beyond its status as a mere fragrance, “Pure Blanc” encapsulates an emblem of style and sophistication, tailor-made for the modern man who exudes confidence and embraces his individuality without reservation.

Elevate Your Olfactory Game with “Pure Blanc”

Elevate your olfactory experience to unparalleled heights with “Pure Blanc” by Aroma Wave, a symphony that celebrates the harmony of masculine elegance and timeless allure. Succumb to the blend of woody aromatic notes that linger long after the initial encounter.

Step Into the Realm of Unalloyed Elegance!

Step into the realm of unalloyed elegance and immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of “Pure Blanc” – where the art of scent intertwines with the enchantment of refined sophistication.

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