Black Rose
Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Inspired by

Penhaligon's's Halfeti

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This scent is Dark and Mysterious

159 SAR

Black Rose is a feminine, woody & floral fragrance inspired by Halfeti by Penhaligon’s. It opens with bright citrus accords of bergamot and grapefruit then breezes into a spicy blend of artemisia and nutmeg with hints of cumin, leather and oud. This seductive blend sits on a base note of amber, resins and cedarwood to complete this remarkable perfume.

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Black Rose 159 SAR
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Embrace the Enigmatic Black Rose by Halfeti by Penhaligon’s | Buy the Magic Now!

 A Captivating Ode to Darkness

Step into a world of mystique and allure with Black Rose Perfume, an extraordinary fragrance that draws inspiration from the enchanting Halfeti by Penhaligon’s. This unique perfume captures the essence of a black rose, a symbol of beauty and elegance shrouded in mystery. Allow yourself to be captivated by the enigmatic allure of this fragrance, as it unveils a story of seduction and intrigue.

Unveiling the Black Rose

Black Rose Perfume is an olfactory masterpiece, carefully crafted to bring forth the essence of the rare black rose. This extraordinary flower possesses an alluring beauty that is both dark and captivating. With its velvety petals and bewitching aroma, the black rose is a symbol of passion, strength, and hidden desires.

Surrender to the Dark Seduction

Embrace the dark seduction of Black Rose Perfume and let it awaken your senses. With every spritz, you will be transported to a world where mystery and sensuality intertwine. The intoxicating blend of notes will envelop you in an irresistible aura, leaving a lasting impression on those around you. Surrender to the allure of the black rose and embark on a journey of intrigue and passion.

 Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit

Let Black Rose Perfume ignite your adventurous spirit and take you on a thrilling journey. Its mysterious aroma evokes a sense of wanderlust and invites you to explore uncharted territories.

When to wear Halfeti by Penhaligon’s

Whether you’re strolling through the bustling streets of a vibrant city or embarking on a wild escapade in nature, this fragrance will be your loyal companion, urging you to embrace new experiences and create lasting memories.

Embrace the Essence of Black Rose; Inspiration by Penhaligon Halfeti Fragrance

With Black Rose Perfume, you have the opportunity to embrace the essence of the black rose and all its enigmatic beauty. Let this fragrance be a reminder that within darkness lies immense beauty and potential.

Try Our Magic within Black Rose

Allow it to inspire you to embrace your own unique qualities and celebrate the allure of the unknown. Black Rose Perfume is your invitation to explore the depths of your desires and unleash your true potential.

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