Cherished Memories
Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Inspired by

Hermès's Hermessence Ambre Narguile

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This scent is Oriental and Spicy

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Experience cherished memories with Cherished Memories Perfume by Aroma Wave, inspired by the beloved French perfume for women, Hermessence Ambre Narguilé by Hermes. Embrace the warmth and sensuality of the top notes, indulge in the journey of passion with the captivating heart notes, and carry the fragrance of treasured moments with you in the lingering base notes. Relive the essence, ignite your emotions, and shop Cherished Memories Perfume now.

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Base Notes

Roasted Sesame

Roasted Sesame

Enjoy The Amber Essence ; Relive the Essence of Ambre Narguile by Hermes!

Step into a world of cherished memories with Cherished Memories by Aroma Wave, a fragrance that captures the essence of the beloved French perfume for women, .

Warm Amber blend Within Oriental Aroma

Within Hermessence Ambre Nargulie By Hermes perfume for women ; This exquisite scent evokes warmth, sensuality, and a swirl of the Orient, allowing you to relive precious moments and create new memories. With its captivating blend of notes, Cherished Memories by Aroma Wave envelops you in a timeless embrace of fragrant delight.

What are the ingredients of Within Hermessence Ambre Nargulie By Hermes perfume?

Embrace the Warmth of Nostalgia: A Gateway to Cherished Memories

Cherished Memories opens the gateway to warmth and nostalgia, inviting you to embark on a journey down memory lane. beyond Within Hermessence Ambre Nargulie By Hermes ; The exquisite blend of honey of amber creates a captivating sweetness, while a swirl of the Orient adds an exotic touch.

Top note: warm , sensual Ambre

As the fragrance unfolds, the familiar embrace of perfumer’s amber evokes a sense of familiarity and comfort, like a treasured memory resurfacing. Let the top notes of Ambre Narguilé by Hermes transport you to a place where cherished moments come alive.

Sensual Euphoria: Embrace the Essence of Passion

As the fragrance evolves, Ambre Narguilé by Hermes embodies the essence of passion and sensuality, igniting your emotions and creating an aura of captivating allure.

Base notes : Toasted Sesame

The toasted sesame seed swirls with perfumer’s amber, creating a harmonious symphony of seductive richness. This captivating blend envelops you in a sensuous euphoria, evoking feelings of desire and intimacy. Immerse yourself in the journey of sensuality that Ambre Narguilé by Hermes unveils.

Timeless Reverie: The Fragrance of Treasured Moments

Ambre Narguilé by Hermes leaves a lasting impression, capturing the essence of treasured moments and carrying them with you throughout the day. The fragrance lingers like a soft whisper, reminding you of the memories you hold dear.

Inspiration by the French Hermes Perfume for women ; Hermessence Ambre Narguilé by Hermes

Within Ambre Narguilé by Hermes ; The notes of perfumer’s amber and toasted sesame seed blend together, creating a timeless reverie that transcends the boundaries of time. Surrender to the embrace of Cherished Memories and let the fragrance transport you to a realm of cherished moments.

Relive the Essence with Cherished Memories by Aroma Wave

Cherished Memories by Aroma Wave allows you to relive the essence of Hermessence Ambre Narguilé by Hermes, capturing the warmth, sensuality, and swirl of the Orient. From the gateway of warmth and nostalgia in the top notes to the sensual euphoria of the heart notes and the timeless reverie in the lingering base notes within Ambre Narguilé by Hermes.

Ignite your memories with our Cherished Memories Scent | Try It NOW!

Cherished Memories envelops you in a fragrance that ignites your emotions and evokes cherished memories.

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Inspired by

Hermessence Ambre Narguile

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50 ml

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Dimensions 7 × 9 × 17 cm
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