Eve’s Essence
Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Inspired by

Chloé's Nomade

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This scent is Adventurous and Free-spirited

119 SAR

Indulge in the essence of wanderlust with Eve’s Essence Perfume. Inspired by Nomade by Chloé Eve’s Essence is a scent inspired by the lush, wet forest with mossy green woods and the sweetest litchi fruit. This fragrance has top notes that embody the scent of litchi fruit, middle notes that represent the earthy feeling of rushes and stems, and base notes of mossy oakmoss to round out the blend.

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Eve’s Essence 119 SAR
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Eve’s Spirit ‘s in Chloé Nomade Perfume

Embrace Your Wanderlust

A Scent for the Free-Spirited Chloé Nomade Perfume

Embark on a sensory journey with Eve’s Essence Perfume, a fragrance inspired by the enchanting Nomade by Chloé. Let the captivating notes transport you to far-off lands and ignite your sense of wanderlust. Designed for the free-spirited woman, this scent celebrates the joy of exploration and the thrill of discovering new horizons.

Eve’s Scent Notes

Eve’s Essence opens with a burst of vibrant citrus, awakening your senses and setting the stage for an adventure. As the fragrance unfolds, the delicate floral bouquet of freesia and Mirabelle plum embraces you like a soft breeze, evoking the beauty of blooming gardens. Finally, the warm, woody base notes of oakmoss and ambergris ground the scent, mirroring the grounding presence of nature.

Follow your heart , follow Chloé Nomade

Indulge in the essence of wanderlust with Eve’s Essence Perfume. Let it be your companion as you embrace new experiences and create unforgettable memories. With every spritz, you’ll be reminded of the boundless possibilities that await, encouraging you to follow your heart and explore the world with a free spirit.

Unleash Your Inner Nomade

Embrace the Spirit of Adventure

Eve’s Essence Perfume captures the essence of the modern nomad, the woman who seeks adventure and finds beauty in the unexpected. Inspired by Nomade by Chloé, this fragrance celebrates the spirit of exploration and invites you to unleash your inner nomad.

Allure Evolving From Chloé Nomade Perfume to Eve’s Essence

Immerse yourself in the alluring blend of Eve’s Essence, where the sweetness of Mirabelle plum meets the freshness of freesia. This harmonious combination evokes images of sun-drenched landscapes and vast open skies, inspiring you to embark on your own personal odyssey. As the scent evolves, the earthy notes of oakmoss and ambergris add depth and sensuality, mirroring the grounding connection to nature that fuels your wanderlust.

A Scent of Endless Possibilities with Chloé Nomade Perfume

Find Your True Expression

Eve’s Essence Perfume, inspired by Nomade by Chloé, is more than just a fragrance—it’s a celebration of individuality and self-expression. Embrace the scent that speaks to your soul and reflects your unique journey through life.

Try Eve’s Essence Now! Embrace your EVE

As you wear Eve’s Essence, the bright and zesty citrus notes awaken your senses, igniting a spark of creativity and possibility.

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