Midnight Intoxication
Eau de Parfum. Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Inspired by

INITIO's Side Effect

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This scent is Hypnotic and Captivating

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Surrender to the allure of Midnight Intoxication, an extraordinary unisex fragrances by Aroma Wave. Inspired by Initio Side Effect. This captivating fragrance blends tobacco, vanilla, and cinnamon, casting a spell on all who experience it. Explore the world where French perfumes meet dry woods and oriental notes, and embark on an unforgettable sensory journey.

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Midnight Intoxication 159 SAR
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Let the Midnight Intoxication speaks all the Unsayable.

Unveiling Midnight Intoxication, an extraordinary unisex elixir from the distinguished perfume house, Aroma Wave. Inspired by Initio Side Effect. This entrancing potion, part of our Elite Collection, is designed to blur the lines of gender, casting a spell on all who dare to experience it.

Draws The charm and Inspiration Initio Side Effect

Our inspiration stems from the iconic Side Effect by the esteemed brand, Initio. Midnight Intoxication is our homage to this masterpiece, weaving a tapestry of Tobacco, Vanilla, and Cinnamon, leaving an indelible mark on the wearer.

A Harmonious Unison with Vanilla

Initio Side Effect  – the key to this sensory journey – unlocks the power of  Midnight Intoxication. Experience the seductive interplay of leather, animal notes, and the woody embrace of vanilla, revealing deeply buried emotions and passions that take over.

What are The Ingredients in Initio Side Effect ?

The symphony of Midnight Intoxication unfolds in three acts:

  1. Top Notes: The overture begins with the robust, warm scent of Tobacco, setting the stage with a note that is as intriguing as it is comforting.
  2. Heart Notes: The heart of the fragrance emerges as the top notes recede, revealing a captivating solo of Vanilla. This creamy, rich note adds a layer of seductive sweetness to the composition.
  3. Base Notes: The finale is a lingering note of spicy Cinnamon, a scent that stays with you, leaving a memorable trail.

Recklessly Bold, Unapologetically Stirring

Let the fragrance lift the veil on the unsayable, plunging you into an altered state where daring knows no limits. With Midnight Intoxication, there are no risks left. It empowers you to be unapologetically bold, where nothing is too daring to explore.

Empower Your Desires

In the realm of  Midnight Intoxication, audacious desires come to life. Feel the thrill of passionately expressing your true self. Initio Side Effect empowers you to embrace your sensuality and delve into a world of indulgence and daring.

Embrace the Mesmerizing Spirit

With Midnight Intoxication . This captivating fragrance invites men and women to embark on an olfactory journey that awakens their innermost desires.

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